Restaurant Bougafer

Quiet hotel and restaurant, popular as you do not miss the center of Alnif.

Ethical restaurant located in the center of Alnif, intended for both local Moroccan customers and also foreigners.

It is a place of rest, but also to discover a mixture of Berber and Saharan cuisine and also foreign.

After a warm welcome, the professional team of the restaurant will surprise you with natural drinks, under the rays of the sun during the day, or watching the pretty picture that the stars in the sky of Alnif.

A wide variety of entrees, main dishes, desserts, … based on the natural and organic plants of the region, but also based on the recipes you will find on site.

Whether you are alone, a family group, a group of friends, or a group of travelers sent by a travel agency, our services of reception, catering, and accommodation meet your needs.